Work on Basement Leak Repair and Decide Between Exterior and Interior Repair

Ever thought whether is it a good idea to repair a basement leak from the outside or the inside? Is it safe to follow this method in a poured concrete foundation? The reason why homeowners have to consider these questions is to ensure that the basement is properly waterproofed and there is no way for water to seep into the area.

Now coming back to the question, it’s possible to work on all types of basement leak repair without being concerned about the type of home foundation. Interior and exterior waterproofing repairs can efficiently handle any wet basement problem. The only decision to make is whether to fix the leak by excavation/ injection from the inside or waterproofing from the outside. Also, keep in mind that there is no such rule like ‘one size fits all’ rather, look at the following considerations to waterproof from the outside or the inside:

  • Open/ remove the drywall in order to easily work on the interior repairs.
  • Go for interior injection repairs as they are a cheaper option to basement leak repair.
  • Exterior repairs are effective as patch over voids while interior repairs have the ability to eliminate voids in the foundation walls.
  • Warranties are naturally the same; the difference lies in the approach applied.
  • There are greater risks associated with exterior waterproofing than interior injection repairs.
  • Interior waterproofing doesn’t bother about weather delays
  • Interior basement leak repair can trace and confirm the leak while exterior repairs cannot. 

Detailed Discussion

As a matter of fact, injection repairs need exposure for the foundation wall from all sides so as to make it easy to trace the leakage. On the other hand, waterproofing and exterior excavation can cause invariable damages to the landscaping. 


  • Cost of Injection or Excavation


Another important aspect to consider is the cost of injection that costs $100 from the inside while external excavation costs thousands of dollars, including rebuilding, fencing or re-landscaping. During excavation, chances are still high that the weeping tile system can be damaged. If not given immediate attention, there would be greater problems- the most prominent being damage to the hydro lines, gas lines or the likes. Contrary to injections, excavating is still prone to having serious human errors. 

Just make an appropriate schedule of excavation work according to the availability of excavators and crews, equipment maintenance or weather changes. Considering the fact that injections are handled by one pro technician with limited equipment requirements, its completion or delays are measured in hours, instead of days or weeks. 


  • Cost to Access the Wall


In case, the cost to work on the wall from inside is beyond budget or if homeowners have custom built shelving or bar, be sure not to work from inside; rather, opt for external excavation. Though, if the problem isn’t clear even after examination of the bare wall, there is no 100% surety of what and how to repair it. 

In summation, it can be said that interior basement leak repair is relatively effective than exterior repairs.