Windows Replacement in Edmonton; All-In-One Installation or In Stages?

If you own a home, there is no doubt that one time you considered windows replacement in Edmonton. However, new replacement windows installation is not an easy task; it is time-consuming and can be costly. 

The first question that many homeowners ask themselves when planning to replace their windows is whether they will replace all the windows at once or they will replace them in stages. Doing window replacement in stages might appear more appealing, and less stressful option, but which is the best approach for you? Which is a less expensive approach for windows replacement in Edmonton? We have answers to these questions here.


  • Window Installation Stages.


Your windows are crucial elements in your home. They block elements and offer security. They play an essential role in promoting the curb appeal of your home. So, it is good to take time and choose what’s best for you. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of doing windows replacement in Edmonton in stages;

  • Choosing to do window replacement in stages can be a little bit costly since you are not eligible for discounts offered by window manufacturers and dealers when one buys windows in bulk. In the end, you end spending more money though you might not notice it since the price is spread out.
  • If you choose stage by stage windows replacement Edmonton, your window expert has enough time to inspect your home and choose the best windows that are functional, structurally strong and aesthetically appealing.
  • If your home has vinyl or aluminium siding, and you choose to replace the windows in stages, then you have to wait until all the windows are replaced so that you can fit the new siding.
  • It is possible that your windows might not be in the same state; maybe some are cracked or worn than others. Taking time in windows replacement in Edmonton gives you time to assess them and decide on the ones that need replacements. Some might not need replacements.



  • All-In-One Window Installation.


Many homeowners choose to throw caution to the window and decide to get rid of all the old windows and install new sets of windows at once. Let’s take a peek.

  • When buyers buy windows in bulk-from 5-8 windows, they are eligible for discounts, so they buy them at a lower price.
  • The unit price is less, but you pay in large amounts, one-off settlement.
  • The professionals you hire to do windows replacement in Edmonton for you will charge you better rates for a one-time replacement. 
  • Choosing to do one-time windows replacement Edmonton ensures that there is equal energy conservation in all rooms, an important aspect, especially in older homes where heat escapes quite easily.
  •  For the folks thinking about selling their homes, one-time windows replacement in Edmonton improves the curb appeal of their property at once. They can start getting bids from potential buyers as soon as possible. The new replacement windows are also likely to increase the value of the house.